We provide the opportunity to individuals who suit the ways to attain their dreams to grasp the gems in the world around. QUICKDESK VIRTUAL SOLUTIONS is a training center that offers numbers of relevant Virtual Assistant Courses to equip individuals in different walks of life. Just get in touch our website to start your dreams realize.


We teach different tools related to : Administrative Assistance, Web Designing, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Social Media Marketing and Management, Email Marketing and Management, Project Management, Customer Support, Blogging / Article Writing, Graphic Design, Search Engine Optimization, Newsletter Design, Word Processing, Spreadsheet, and Lead Generation. We also provide Virtual Assistants to help your business grow.

=Virtual Assistant Training=

=Our Satisfied Clients=

=Client’s Testimonials=

As an author, speaker, counselor, and coach, it’s critically important that I have the right support in place. Working with Lesinda has allowed me to accomplish many things in record time. The quality of work, timely responses, and project turn-arounds are what has allowed me to take all of my businesses to the next level. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re looking for effective and efficient assistance, look no further….you are at the right place. Thank you.

Dr. Curtis Jasper

Author, Speaker, Counselor, and Coach, I AM International, Inc.

X-Force Tactical used Leah Gandaos, a QuickDesk Web Designer to build a website and upgrade and existing website earlier this year. We are very happy to say that we’re very satisfied with to her work and also the efficiency. She was able to follow instructions and resolve matters quickly. The website was delivered on time and looks great. We have already recommended her services to others and will do so in the future.

Vasile Opris

Owner & Operator, X-Force Tactical

Geraldin Dabalos a Virtual Assistant from Quickdesk is a great virtual assistant. She is reliable and works hard each week to complete tasks to help keep my business growing. Along with researching potential customers and advertisers, she also helps maintain our social media accounts which is a huge help. Although Geraldin is on the other side f the world, she is always just an email away and it feels like she is just right down the road.

Robert Larry II

Editor , RealEstateInvesting.com – Real Estate Investing

Catherine dela Peña, a QuickDesk Virtual Assistant has done a great job with perfection and no error at all. She can easily understand the job.

ASTES Journal

Lesinda assisted us in a wide range of tasks including SEO, building our Web sites, and promotion. She does a great job, pays attention to detail and takes a lot of pride in her work. Thank you!

Angela Strehlow

Producer, Rock Your Retirement

Les did an excellent job and I would recommend her for future projects. Her work ethics are highly professional and communicates efficiently to make sure that the project has a wonderful output. Two thumbs up!

Jay Pasana

Project Manager & Online Business Strategist , Remote Virtual Assistant Agency

Lesinda has been a brilliant asset to our business and had the work not come to a natural conclusion then we would certainly not have let her go. She would be of great benefit to anyone that needs a contractor and I highly recommend that you give her a chance to show you what she is capable of.

Neil Vince

Technical Director, World-Text.com

It was nice working Lesinda – she did a great job and followed direction very well. Thanks much!

Ward Parsons

Business Development, iAwake Professional

=Inspiring Comments From Our Happy VAs=

To our very own coach, words can neither qualify nor quantify how helpful are Mrs. Lesinda Tubalado’s guidance and advice has been to me. I am forever grateful for her support or cooperation or guidance or encouragement.! She teaches me how to become a versatile VA.This is a great training center I’ve ever known. Working under her leadership/coaching will be a great chance for me to grow professionally and personally. I have never come across such a nice person/women like her. I encourage everyone to enroll in QuickDesk Virtual Solutions so that you can experience a good environment with friendly coaches and find the perfect ladder of your success.See the difference in QuickDesk Virtual Solutions.

Leah Ganados

Web Designer | General Admin VA

I am a kind of person that really reluctant and cautious in trying new things in life especially if it involves with technology! When I gave Quickdesk a shot to be my training ground for my virtual job quest, I realized that what I have learned and gained from the training were more than enough to what I paid. In the middle of training duration, I was able to have my own client and started earning and applying the things I learned. Imagine the person I was before, afraid to discover techie things, but now I was able to appreciate and learn to love softwares. Quickdesk helped me enhanced whatever skills I have, helped me nurture and develop my competence and above all equipped me with confidence to explore various opportunities in virtual world.
To be in Quickdesk, I did not just gain new skill sets and met new friends to add in my friend’s list but I found a family – a family to rely on, to ask support and to give motivation, it might not be a lifetime but as much as, as long as I/we need them, they are just a chat away! Kudos to Maam Les for being our ever-supportive mentor, coach, trainer, teacher, and motivator. God bless and Mabuhay ka Maam! We truly love you! :

Jullee Argeel Nollan

E-commerce Virtual Assistant / Social Media Manager, Shopify & Amazon

I’m a beginner and have no ideas about Virtual Assistant. Good thing I enrolled QUICKDESK VA bootcamp/training. It is more then enough to start my virtual career. Thank you so much Quickdesk and to Mam Liz for the knowledge, informations and skills I gained from you. May you continue your advocacy to help people in the realm of computer/internet at the same time be blessed of the returns you shared.

Baby-jyn Barsalote Japay

Video Editor / General Admin Virtual Assistant

I am overwhelmed my struggle because without a QUICKDESK Virtual Solution, I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength and my inmost appreciation to my coach Lesinda Peserla Tubalado who nurtured more knowledge in the world of advancement.

Joy D. Cabonita

General Admin VA

Quickdesk Virtual Solutions was a true ladder to success. It helps people develop and enhances there skills how to work online. it opens new opportunities to those single parents, students, independent individuals, or even professionals who want to gain more knowledge about media. Quickdesk does not focus on one corner but in all aspect of online jobs. My 88 hours Training goes beyond my expectation. If you want to become a Virtual Assistant, come and join us. Quickdesk Virtual Solutions is the best one for you.

Niel Bryan B. Soledad

Social Media Marketing VA

The tips that were provided make us understand better and the program were very useful. We learned more than what we expect.

Gretchen Melloria

SEO Virtual Assistant

QuickDesk Virtual Solutions is one of the best training camp for Virtual Assistants.They provide courses & essential training tools to become a successful Virtual Assistant.Thank you so much coach for sharing everything w/us & we really appreciate all your help.and I am proud to say that I am part of this team.

Vivian Maratas

General Admin Virtual Assistant

The training was good. Everything was very well prepared. We received everything we needed and more.The tips that they provided were easy to understand. I really enjoyed the training and it was worth enrolling. I can really recommend it.

Miehelanie-lie Semilla

Real Estate Virtual Assistant

Worth enrolling! They provide a quality training. We received everything we needed and more.

Richard Marc Gulle

SEO Virtual Assistant

Excellent! I am very pleased overall. Very informative lessons that enhance my skills

Ryza Maryz Gulle

SEO Virtual Assistant

Learning with Quickdesk is very fun, you have so much to learn in this training. I learned more about technology. GREAT…

Regem Semilla

General Admin Virtual Assistant

So far the training was great, Thank you for the experience. I really enjoyed the training. So happy and thankful to be part of this training. Very worth it!

Dyan Peñas

General Admin Virtual Assistant

Quickdesk Virtual Solutions helped me to enhance my knowledge both in computer and online services.The coaches will help you in a kind and effective way.All I can say is thank you!

Jehoney Hapay

General Admin Virtual Assistant

Quickdesk Virtual Solutions is the answer to my forever question. “How can I become a VA and Where do I start?” It helps me realize my dream. It equips me with solid foundation a good and reliable VA must possess. Their comprehensive 88hours training, helps me learn about in-demand skills and knowledge to be a competent VA. And this happens through their patient and skillful coaches. Tirelessly they compassionately guide and teach us our lessons, queries and assignments. Special thanks to Maam Les for this opportunity.

Maridel Flores Ferolino

General Admin Virtual Assistant

I learned tools that I never learned before. It’s really interesting and I love it.

Geraldin Dabalos

Graphic Designer / General Admin VA

Tools and instructions were provided very well.

Sarah del Mundo

Social Media Marketing VA

It’s extremely useful and a necessity for all new virtual assistant to attend and it is very interesting to put into practice what is learned. I absolutely enjoyed this training.

Rosalene Amido

General Admin VA

I’m so thankful co’z I learned a lot how to use the computer. Now I know what is the work as VA..Thank you Mam Liz and the other teacher’s who teach us… I’m so grateful.. I can recommend the QuickDesk Virtual Solutions to my friends.

Jessel Boraquit Jaquias

General Admin Virtual Assistant

QuickDesk Virtual Solutions is a great way to look for your hidden skills, to find your purpose, and eventually to gain success. From orientation to training, coaches especially Mrs. Lesinda Tubalado has this kind of approach that really convince you to keep going and never give up even to the hardest and crucial times. During the training, you will encounter from the easiest to the hardest skills you can imagine in a Virtual World, but through the knowledge coaches shared, somehow, by and by, you can easily say, “Ganun pala” “Anaon lang diay??” yes, it is easy, but not as easy as we can imagine.
Now, working as a newbie Virtual Assistant, I can say, I have this challenging job or kind of work that really tests my patience and ability, but I know I have the courage, strength and confidence bringing the skills and knowledge QuickDesk has taught me.
I am very thankful to the people behind this, most especially to Ma’am Les, who really gave her trust to a newbie like me,and so I found my second home and family here in QuickDesk, not just skills and knowledge I gained, but most importantly the people I met that became my partners and friends in my new Virtual World.
Stay strong and soar high to the highest QuickDesk Virtual Solutions. Cheers to more years.

Anna Rizza Laganse

General Admin Virtual Assistant

It is a privelege and most great honor to be part of QuickDesk Virtual Solutions. There were so many new things ive learned that can be used in the world of virtual work. The mentors and coaches esp. Maam Lesenda Peserla are very friendly and accommodating. Very well said its the perfect ladder of our success.

Mary Ann O. Alipis

Product Sourcing VA

Happy learning environment.

Letty P. Matubang


Lots of skills and tools that you’ll learn.

Carnetzel Canonazo

SEO Specialist

QuickDesk Virtual Solutions gave me a clearer insight to the specific responsibilities of a VA (Virtual Assistant). For the longest time, probably in the entirety of my career as a content writer, I’ve been wanting to learn what is it exactly that VA’s do. I wanted to switch career paths and probably get into some fun social media management gigs. I mean, content writing is great – but I’ve no heart of a writer (unless it’s copywriting). I was just some guy spamming message boards, arguing with foreigners in MMORPG’s who finally thought to put my forum trolling to good use.

With QuickDesk’s training, I finally understood what clients want their hired VA to do. Sometimes it can even be, well, everything in their business that can be done in front of a computer screen. And I’m not even kidding. The keyword is “sometimes”, though. So it can also mean responsibilities are as specific as planning and scheduling of social media posts. What makes QuickDesk Virtual Solutions the best place for training is that the training schedule is ideal for people who are already working. Oh and let’s not forget the considerate payment scheme. It’s also just a few hundred meters away from where I live, so that’s that.

Cheers to everyone who attended the training, whichever batch you may be from~ Thanks aplenty to ma’am Lesinda for opening doors for interested individuals.

Tim Raphael Tangonan

Article Writer / Programmer

For those whose parents or even a teenager who really wants to work from home with your own time, space and especially with your family that your not be able to be far from them, I highly recommended the training from Quickdesk Virtual Solutions. They will provide knowledge on how to be an effective Virtual Assistant with the BEST training, ENHANCES your skills that your not aware before. Coaches are always ready to help you understand especially in the topic that is hard for you. They are not just a coach, trainer, teacher but they are our Mother and a friend which you can’t feel awkward when you want to ask them. They treat you as their own family, their own kids especially to Ma’am LESINDA who really gives an effort, patience and love. I cannot find any Virtual Assistant training that trained you well like this.

The topics are light difficult for me but it’s more challenging. It helps me to develop my skills and confidence in the industry. You will become a successful Virtual Assistant if you are eager to learn until the end of the class. You must have an effort to do this for yourself and promise you will not regret on what you learned and training from the class.

Thank you so much Maam Lesinda for providing this training along with the other coaches. THE BEST!!!

Lyra Alcala - Porras

ESL Tutor / General Admin VA, Acadsoc

Having time training in Quickdesk was like, A life changing experience for me because I can’t imagine seeing my self learning with new things again, about how will you going to make your self more competitive in this computer era. when I was still in academic stage of my life I thought that I Learned everything and I did. But when Quickdesk Introduced this Virtual Assistant Training to me I was amazed because I spent 8 years in college and found out that there are still so many things that I need to know and learn about. I nearly finished the training and so excited to use all of what I’v learned in Quickdesk and earn some income with it, because in the first place that the reason why I enrolled my self in that training. I hope Quickdesk will not stop helping people who really wants to equip their selves and to make more competitive every aspect if their lives.

Reynan Mark Gloria

General Admin VA

My wife got the training which improved her skills as VA and graphic designer for 100%! Now my own customers sometimes even choose her designs than mine.. Happy and recommending that school!

Rafal Szwarc

Web Designer/Graphic Designer

Quickdesk Virtual Solutions is a great training school for aspiring Virtual Assistants. They’ll introduce you to the different tools and techniques that you’ll need to know and learn. If you’ll just put your heart and soul in it, then, you’re good to go. Thank you Quickdesk Virtual Solutions for inspiring us also.

Victoria Badilles

General Admin Virtual Assistant

I highly recommend QuicDesk Virtual Solutions for those who want to work from home but don’t know how, they will bring out the best in YOU and be a competitive virtual assistant after the training. They will guide you every topic of the training and help you to be able to understand and apply the lesson each week of the training that soon will land you a job.The coaches are humble and approachable
These are the few from what they can offer you so don’t be left behind,

Janette N. Semilla

SEO Virtual Assistant

I have learned a lot in my training.. Our VA Couch trained us very well and taught us how to become a professional Virtual Assistant and how to enter into CyberWorld. Now I gained a lot of job experience as a Virtual Assistant, Freelancer. QuickDesk Virtual Solutions are highly recommended for those who wanted to work at home and to become a RockStar Virtual Assistant like Me. Kudos for the team and staff.

Izza Ruby Mae Gumapac

Outbound Telemarketer | Personal Assistant | Lead Generation Specialist, Upwork | OnlineJobs.Ph | Craigslist

Running days in my schooling, all in all I can say is, “Brilliant”. There is no other VA school such awesome teaching like them. Quickdesk Virtual Solutions has a great founder with great attitude together with staff. Honestly, they keep assisting you whatever you asked for. My little skills I have grown bigger. They help you to go fore. Thank you for the wonderful experience. Keep up the good work!

Grethel Szwarc

Real Estate/Graphic Design VA

I explored so many things that I’ve never done before like research in google, using different tools, and programs.

Marycel Garcia

General Admin VA

I have no other remarks but thanks, because I learned all I want to learn and all of it was due to the kind and attentive Coaches you can’t really regret if you enroll in Quickdesk. Thank You!

Khym Villarico Tandog

General Admin Virtual Assistant

Such an awesome experience being a part of this training.I’ve learned so many tools that help me to enhance my knowledge regarding about online world.I’m very much thankful to our coach Ma’am Liz for her patience and understanding. I highly recommend you guys to undergo Virtual Training Program only at Quick desk Virtual Solutions. You are at the right place:)

Jey Ann Intimo Nomio

General Admin Virtual Assistant

My past time was playing online games, but that was before, now I’m taking up a Virtual Assistant training. To maximize my Knowledge, Skills, Tools in computer and utilize it for an online Jobs. Instead of spending my time, money and energy on Computer Games. Someday! I’ll be spending my time online earning money.

Donn D Villejo

General Admin Virtual Assistant

I’m very thankful that I enrolled in QuickDesk Virtual Solutions I’ve learned a lot about General Admin tools and also to my coach ma’am Lesinda, thank you for teaching us.

Nemuel Fuentes

General Admin Virtual Assistant

You’ll learn a lot! You’ll never regret.

Neldion P. Fernandez

SEO Virtual Assistant

Highly recommended for those who want to work online.

Karl Lou S. Abapo

Graphic Designer

Quickdesk is a very good opportunity for you to start your online career. It never fails to showcase your knowledge, abilities, and skills. They will help you to improve it more, for you to be confident in whatever path you will take in your online career.

Vannz JC Maulitin

Video Editor

From training up to landing a job ; always at your serve.

Leah Pelias

Graphic Designer | Professor

Having a career while staying at home with the most important people in your life. It was only a dream before. But with QuickDesk, they will help you put it in reality. QuickDesk Virtual Solutions is a world-class training center who trains, coaches and help each student bring out the best in them to become a successful Virtual Assistant.

Be one of us, and enroll now at QuickDesk Virtual Solutions.

Irene Cris Franco

Product Sourcing VA | Gen Admin

In a fast phase growing economy, updated and new innovations and in the new world of Marketing and Sales you will never go wrong joining Quickdesk your best Virtual Solution!
With their Help , constant Guidance, too much Patience and Expertise of Ms Lesinda Peserla i am able to explore different fields of Virtual tasks.
It is a great honor and privilege to be one of Quickdesk Virtual Solution Product!❤️

Thank you Quickdesk Family!

Ferissa Claudine Y. Carolino

Product Sourcing VA | Gen Admin

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